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Scratch Games

Scratch cards games have come a long way since their inception thanks to the Internet. Traditionally, games were played on a piece of paper containing 8 columns and rows and the numbers published in the newspaper or in other places matched the numbers on the paper. In order to win, one had to uncover the numbers across, diagonally or vertically with the criteria differing according to the prizes. Newspapers used to include scratch games as it improved their business although the chances of winning were very low.

Scratch Off Games

Fortunately, scratch off games have developed since then and there are a large number of websites solely dedicated to scratch games. offers a wide variety of games which due to the special nature of giving the player sole control for deciding upon the amount to spend on a game and the subsequent amount of the winnings. Although our scratch games are very easy to play and follow similar themes, there are differences as well and each game has its own method of forming winning combinations. The two main categories of games that we offer are scratch off games and guess screen games with a third category, card games, coming shortly. Neither category of games requires any downloading - once the player has registered, they can start trying to win straight away. In order to scratch a square, the player simply has to click on the mouse which will then reveal what is beneath.

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